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Where does the name 'Sojo' come from? I wish there was some super fun story about how it was derived, but there isn't. It just kind of happened. Most of my friends had nicknames, and I only had cutesy Chinese ones that no one could pronounce, more or less understand the meaning. So one day in 7th grade, a friend said why don't we call you 'Sojo'? I was so excited! It's surprisingly stuck ever since :) 

I'm a half Chinese, half (part- Norwegian, German, British). Growing up with a multi-cultural background is the essence of who I am. I love my Lord, and His greatest gift on this earth to me- my amazing husband. We met and fell in love at the best school ever- University of Florida, School of Architecture. 

Happiest day ever!  {04.04.10}
*more wedding photos from Studio222
We had not only one, but two weddings. My husband is Vietnamese and his parents wanted a traditional wedding as well! Who doesn't want to celebrate your wedding twice?! 

Our incredible parents

I started blogging late in the summer of 2010 and love making new friends from all over the world! I then decided to start up my own design company~ SoNg Designs! At my Etsy Shop, you can request your own custom design for any special occasion in your life! :)

Some other things going on? We made a baby! We'll be celebrating our 1 year anniversary with a mini-us :) So thankful for all our blessings! 

Please follow along! I blog about design, our life, and all things that make me smile~