| Wood Escort Cards |

 One of my favorite memories from wedding planning? All the fun materials we got to play with and choose from! My husband and I were stumped about how we wanted to create and display our escort cards for our guests. Wood as a material was an idea early on, but seemed expensive, and we didn't look more into it. After trying all sorts of cut outs, paint, calligraphy on paper, I wanted to research how we can make the wood work!

We purchased some wood planks (found a great deal!) and as fate would have it- a friend from architecture school mentioned how intricate a laser cutter machine could engrave! My original thought was to try burning, or branding the wood- and that would've taken forever. 

Off we went to use the laser cutter machine! After getting the settings just perfect, we got all 210 of them made in a day. We even made some 'Thank you' cards for our vendors as a special treat. 

These escort cards made us super happy. And it's a nice remembrance of the wedding for our guest! {At least we'd like to think each of them will treasure these forever! ;) }

Aren't they lovely? :)


  1. These are BEAUTIFUL!! I love how they are made of wood:)

  2. I definitely kept mine and use it as a book mark. Love it! and Love YOU!