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It's been a busy week designing invitations for sweet friends! [We're also putting up glass tiles in the kitchen- fun post to come!] Here's a first round just getting some ideas gathered and variations shown. I don't like to get a lot of details at first- just the colors, theme, and technical stuff. I sketch, create, then we collaborate :)

Molly is planning her quaint wedding for this coming November here in Orlando!

These three schemes are a combo of the following:
Colors: salmon, yellow, deep blues
Theme: 'Vintage Picnic' (how cute?!)

Lili and her fiance are planning a modern wedding, also this coming November, in Dallas, Texas. Her requirements are much like her wedding: sweet and simple.

The bride's requests?
orchids, purple, clean lines, and the Chinese double happiness symbol (traditional in Chinese weddings!)

These two invitations are very similar, yet opposites in some instances. I try to use a variety of color, font, arrangement, size, formal/casual wording. This way, you know exactly what you like or care to change. Working with two extremes help us meet in the middle with the perfect invitation.

What are your favorite wedding color combos this season?


  1. cute!! i think i love the bunting banner and bicycles the best from the first set and i love the first one in the second set!! i LOVE yellow and grey right now for wedding color combos!!

  2. I love the bicycle graphic in the first set of invites, and the little pennants (is that what they're called?)--- very picnicky!

    I don't know why I don't see more people using CORAL! When I thought of it, I couldn't get it out of my mind. It goes well with many other colors and as well as naturals, and makes me think happy thoughts!