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Image from flikr

I was perusing around searching for images, came across the above, and immediately felt summer coming to an end. {Funny, the long grass also reminded me of our yard; I told my husband the other day I can't wait until the grass starts growing slower and becomes less maintenance. Here in Florida, you get a jungle just about every week.}

Labor Day always reminded me of wrapping up summer. BBQ. playing barefoot in the grass. football season beginning. family. lots of love and family. celebrating my gma's bday (she's 90 this year!!). summer turning to fall.

This summer has been a great one for me :) You sure were a toasty one. I think I'm ready for this fall. Bring on the cooler weather!!

Hope everyone has a great looooong weekend! Indulge in all things summer :)


  1. LOVE this picture! have a FUN long weekend!!

  2. Love the picture too! It still amazes me how fast the grass grows in the summer... thank goodness I don't do the yard work! Haha!

    I am so glad to hear you and the hubs did (&liked) Crown Ministries. It starts this Sunday. I go to Willow Creek Presbyterian, PCA church in Winter Springs. You?

  3. great photo!! but i am glad summer is over... i LOVE fall.

    p.s. i blogged about YOU today!!!