| Ethan Growth |

'Enjoy every moment of now...'
'They grow up so fast...'

So these are the things everyone tells you when you talk about your newborn child. You nod, and smile and say, 'I can only imagine!'

BUT seriously?! Time is flying. My pumpkin head is 2 months old already!! He's outgrown all 0-3 month clothes. (I tried to squeeze him in his super cute Gator onesie and it looked like a muscle shirt, but with his baby chub!)  I really am enjoying every second. He learns so much everyday and I love that he knows me now! I might still just be food to him, but hey, he looks and smiles at me and I MELT!

9 lb. 1oz.  |  21-3/4 inches long

At two months, Ethan is a smiley, happy baby boy! His gorgeous brown eyes follow us around the room, and he reacts when he hears our voices. Last week he got his 8week vaccinations, which he was very brave about! I'm loving that he's waking for one night feeding and wakes up with smiles.

13 pounds  |  23-1/4 inches long

Notice in both pictures, he's eyeing the momma monkey?? He knows where the food comes from! This little boy eats all day long!

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