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My baby boy!! 5 months old?! I've been a mom for 5 months already? I have a child??

Such a sweet thing. He's definitely a momma's boy. My husband thinks the Oedipus complex started early with Ethan. 

Fun things at 5 months:

less poo's per day!
smiles every time he wakes up
itsy bitsy spider can bring a smile at any time of day
belly laughs
quite a thumb sucker
first haircut at 4.5months (SO sad)
sitting up by himself! (with some assistance)
loves reading! he actually pays attention and holds the book :)
clockwork with naptimes and 7pm- 7am sleep schedule
smiles all the time!!

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  1. He really looks like a little BOY now!!! such a cute smile, I'd be fine seeing that all day long too :)