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Happy 8 months my son! 

This has been your most active month, yet! At about 7.5 months, you finally decided it's time to roll. You first rolled at 4.5 months, but that came to a halt when you realized there wasn't much use since we could get you to wherever you wanted to go.

  • Rolling all over the place. We can't take our eyes off you. Or you'll end up exploring under the crib. This may or may not have happened. 
  • Up on your hands and knees! Rocking back and forth, and scooching while you sit. 
  • Two more teeth popped out up top. Total of 4 teeth! Which you're very interested in. You grind your teeth. It's a horrid sound. You test our your teeth on everything! (including me :/)
  • You were meant to eat. During your monthly photoshoot, you weren't giving many smiles, that is, until there was food in your mouth. Doesn't seem like we can feed you fast enough! You haven't disliked one single food since we started solids at 6.5 months. So I can't really list your favorites. Since you eat ev.er.y.thing.
  • We've been battling a cold the past couple of weeks. :( Runny noses aren't fun. Maybe teething related? 
  • You get the giggles first thing in the morning and right before bedtime (still a 7pm-7am sleeper!) Melts my heart!
  • Dad and I are coming up with a plan for your hair. Daddy wants a mohawk. I want a clean cut trim. Your hair is in your eyes! Why don't they make hair pieces for boys? Your hair is SO beautiful!
  • Hide and seek is a new favorite. You call for us with a quick yell, and start clapping once we pop into view. I could play this all day :)

We love you more than anything, Ethan. You bring so so much joy to each day! 

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