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I really think my husband was created to make little boys and give them mo-hawk hair cuts. 
I hadn't seen a grown man so excited when we finally agreed on giving our child a mo-hawk cut. I looove Ethan's long hair, but it was getting out of control in his eyes. It was too stick straight (thanks Asian hair genes!) to brush to the side, or tuck behind his ears. And the Florida heat gave him a constant 'sweaty head, matted hair' look. :/ 

Now this wasn't an easy feat. We quickly learned that this was probably the last mo-hawk cut Ethan would have. He learned to squrim, fight, kick, scream, cry, give us the saddest puppy dog look- why on Earth would you as my parents torture me like this?! ALL.AT.THE.SAME.TIME. He haaaated the buzzer. We danced, sang, played Elmo on the ipad, pointed out airplanes outside. Nada. 

Traumatizing for us too. Halfway through (he had a mullet at this point), I snapped at my husband- WHY did we think this was a good idea!?

I have to admit, we're pretty happy with his cute head. After a fun, long bath, we were all ooook. 

Of course, he wasn't staying still, so we couldn't get great pictures, but you get the idea :)

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