My lovely ladies

So according to dictionary.com, the definition of bridesmaid:

woman who attends the bride at a wedding

Yes, you chose your sister, relatives, and best girlfriends because of all sorts of reasons. They've known you the longest, they were the shoulder you've cried on, they're always there for you, love you, and you want them there by your side on the most important day of your life!

Just don't be like Tess on 27 dresses and choose girls because you want a 'pretty' wedding party. Yikes.

I was thrilled to have all 8 of my girls a part of our wedding. Throughout planning, I'd get overwhelmed, and being a perfectionist, wanted to do EVERYTHING myself. It's because I've got the best girlfriends out there, they were constantly asking for how they can help! At first, I felt bad. Everyone has busy, hectic schedules, and I didn't want to be a nagging bride giving chores left and right. And then I realized they WANTED to help! haha, EARN your right as a bridesmaid! ;)

Most of my bridesmaids lived in different cities, so I delegated tasks like phone calls that I really didn't need to make myself (i.e. hotel reservations!). My sister, Maid of Honor, really stepped it up! Any free moment, she helped out, knowing I needed to be wedding planning, and not getting my car's oil changed, or taking clothes to the dry cleaners. She even planned a surprise, super fantastic bachelorette weekend getaway! Every task that my bridesmaids took on gave me a huge sigh of relief! Even if it's just responding to my 273 emails on which veil I should choose. :)

So choose wisely ladies. Again, this THE most important day of your life. Put your wedding party to work! Don't forget to ask the groomsmen for help too. We had them help set up our ceremony decor, do a few pick-ups around town, and they even hand delivered lunch to us while all the girls were primping and priming!

It's great to get everyone involved! Remember, they WANT to help!! And how rewarding is it to finally see on your wedding day all the love, sweat, and sometimes tears that went into it!


  1. save this post! for a certain other website!! ;) your and your many bridesmaids were absolutely beautiful!

  2. lovely blog! found you via sandy. :)
    happy weekend.

  3. Hi! I'm a friend of Sandy's and she posted on Twitter that her friend had started a new website and to come say hi. What a cute blog! Good luck with your new venture!