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My sister and I purchased a brand new home 2.5 years ago. Brand new as in nothing really to update or fix- just decorate- were my sister's requests. (It was like pulling teeth getting her to help paint even!)

Since my husband moved in, we've wanted to do something to the house. Our first real project together: glass tiles for the kitchen backsplash! I've always wanted to learn how to tile, so one of our best friends (also best man in our wedding!) is going to show us how!

Searching around, there's a million and a half options out there. Our kitchen isn't super modern, but I've always loved glass tiles. I think the contrast to the dark walnut cabinets will look so elegant! (It also worked out perfect that these tiles were given to us as a gift by my husband's cousins!)

Here's some fun finds:

Offset, horizontal glass tiles are so sleek!

Porcelain subway tiles are simple and modern

If I had an ultra modern kitchen, I think it would look like this!

Thought the chalkboard idea was cute, but my OCD would never allow smeared chalk

I like the use of mixed, tiny travertine tiles

And the DalTile sample of the actual tile we'll be installing in the next couple of weeks!
1"x1" tile in Crimson red

I'll have a future post about our progress!

Images found on: flikr, modwalls, styleathome, hgtv, squaredfw


  1. lol @ the chalkboard comment! the red will look great!

  2. Haha I cracked up at the chalkboard comment too! I <3 the ultra modern kitchen. Picture updates of newly tiled kitchen when you're done, please! :)

  3. Awesome choice! Whe have black cabinets and red walls in our kitchen too, but no gorgeous tiles! I love the contrast!