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Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend :) My husband and I had a great time with my parents who came down to visit for a couple of days. Sunday, after church, we dropped by one of our favorite arts 'n crafts shops downtown. I just love perusing the store for inspiration!

I found a whole drawer full of photos divided by letters. Each photo was interpreted to represent each letter of the alphabet! Thought it was a great idea! They were pretty pricey, so I didn't end up buying any. I've had such a fun time following the
Alphabet Walk Blog Hop and it inspired me to take my own interpretation~

Here are my initials: S M N

*photos from Flikr

What photos have you taken that can be interpreted as something else??

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  1. awwww love your interpretation of your initials! i wish you had your blog in time to partake in the alphabet walk blog hop, hehe next time!! :)