| Evolution of an Invitation |

process, process, process!

While organizing my files, I came across some preliminary designs of our wedding invitations. Since we were doing them on our own, I just had to have them perfect. Thus, the evolution of our wedding invitations!

I first wanted to get the fonts selected, wording, and formatting the way we wanted. I played with some concepts of imagery location and backgrounds.

We played around with a few images and decided to take on a whole new concept. My husband and I are both architectural designers by trade and turned this into a project!! We had a friend model the traditional Chinese 'double happiness' symbol for marriage. So we formed a 3d model, tweaked it in photoshop, and formatted it into a dandelion- (idea from the first series). Can you see the happiness symbols forming the dandelion, then fluttering around??

We loved the concept and idea behind the dandelion, and sent it out to our wedding party for feedback (remember to utilize them!). Not many people really got it. (ha!) I found myself having to explain the story a few times and realized our guests would be experiencing the same questions! My mother asked why we chose a weed for our invitations. :/ It wasn't quite right. You just know!!

Round Three: my husband (then fiance) and I were trying to come up with more ideas. He came across an old vintage photo of a flower we'd never seen before. He drew it up in illustrator and viola! We had something new. It was simple and elegant. And just like that we knew we hit jackpot! (We might have had a deadline coming up to get them printed, and sent out!!)
We had the lovely (now Mrs!) Janie of WeHeartPaper create the final product.

We were ecstatic with the final product. I'm pretty sure I squealed when I received the package in the mail with our actual wedding invitations!

*final photos courteous of WeHeartPaper

Be patient for some collaboration projects with the two of us soon! :)


  1. oh how fun! i love coming across "old" things, seeing how they evolved.
    have a great weekend!!!

  2. this is so much fun! Can't wait to see the collaboration!