| Save The Date |

One of my best friends, Sarah is getting married in May of next year! :) [We've been best of friends since the 4th grade] I was thrilled when she asked me to be one of her bridesmaids- as she was one in my wedding!

She's been a busy bee planning her wedding (it's almost all done!) and came to me for help with her 'Save the Date'. She asked if I liked what she created- in paint. (gasp!! I'm a brat, ...but seriously..) I had no idea 'paint' was still around. I said no no no, we've got to dress it up to match your beautiful wedding!

Some photos of me and the lovely bride-to-be!
Below is the to-be-Showers' Save the Date we came up with! I love Sarah's color choices: dark coral and navy. Our bmaid dresses are in a beautiful marine, dark blue color. So elegant! Must be a popular color choice- I have two brides with the same color theme!

Btw. Sarah and I abbreviate everything. Until we worked on her [S]ave [t]he [D]ate. Doesn't sound so nice when the subject of our emails are: 'Hope you like your.....', and 'thanks for the......', and 'Did you get the .....'. hahaha. Some words are best left as is!


  1. HAHAHAH that is hilarious and oh so cute. girlfriends are so great!!!

  2. hahaha yes PAINT still exists and I definitely still use it! Love the finished product!

  3. hahaah i used to call them STD's all the time.. well i still call it that, LOL!! love the one you made, the calendar is a cute idea!! she must be a super planner if she's almost already done!!

  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my STD's, Sonja is the best!