| Wall Decal |

After our tile project, I've gotten the 'want-to-redo-redecorate-the-entire-house' bug! I realllly want to remove the huge mirrors in all the bathrooms and get them framed with a thick, beautiful, dark wood- but I think that'll take some time & saving. :)

I came across a less expensive, faster decorating idea: wall decals! I love that they are not permanent, but a nice way to dress up your wall without having to paint the entire thing. What do you think?

Images from modern mom, decorpad, & of course, etsy

Which ones are your favorite? :)


  1. lots of people are doing wall-decal. i love the idea! these are some good finds.

    i heard that you were meeting up with sandy! she's so great. enjoy!!!

  2. i lovr the on the bottom left! cute! :)

  3. Interesting ideas. Where can I get these Wall Decals at a very reasonable price though?
    Love to hear your suggestions. :-)