| Around Atlanta |

My husband has been traveling to Atlanta for almost every week since March for work. Since his project is wrapping up, we decided to make a lil vacation out of his last visit!

First stop? The aquarium! What a beautiful place! We haven't been to this one before, and apparently, it holds the largest tank in the world. There were 2 whale sharks inside!

The jellyfish display was so ethereal
Seahorses are so cute! The funny fish with them swim vertically!

It was so hot outside, we crossed the lawn to the World of Coke. Surprisingly refreshing!

We then wandered around town searching for some eye catching architecture.

Part II (architecture of Atl) coming soon!


  1. i love aquariums!!! i think my favorite one is in seattle. so awesome. :)

    happy day!

  2. oh yay! so glad you made it out to atlanta with binh!! :) last time i went i went to the world of coke instead of the aquarium haha! they gave our free drinks at the end!

  3. omg i love your logo! just noticed :)

  4. I love your life! And, I just noticed your logo too, I love it! Also, Binh's shirt looks very familiar...... ;)