| Atlanta: part II |

Our next stop was Atlanta's Fulton Library- designed by architect Marcel Breuer We heard it was a pretty cool design, so we decided to check it out!
(Also an excuse to step inside to some AC- it was HOT walking around!)

Pretty cool building. Reminded us of a massing project that we did in school!

The stairs were really beautiful- loved all the details and natural light from above.

More shots of the exterior.
Since we're used to driving everywhere in Orlando, we just loved taking the Marta around town. Minus the super steep escalators. (My husband did not like that I was turned around backwards taking pics of him) :)

Walking by the High Museum of Art in midtown. Architects Richard Meier and the addition by Renzo Piano. I LOVE this museum! Last year, we saw the Terra Cotta warrior exhibit here, so decided to skip out on Salvadore Dali.

I wandered through Piedmont Park by myself while my husband had to head to the office. (sorry, babes!) It was SO beautiful!! I wish Orlando had a huge park to play in.
I found myself a spot under the tree and plopped down to read a book :)
We love visiting Atlanta! Can't wait to go back!
Great shopping, and tons of great restaurants to try :)


  1. I love that Library!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Marcel will be my kids name then john lautner will be my second kid

  2. oh wow! such beautiful architecture pics!