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I recently returned from a 3 week hiatus to help out my cousin and her family in California! She had her second set of twins (girls this time!) last week, and they couldn't be more beautiful! It was a SUPER busy few weeks- watching her 3.5 yr old toddlers and keeping up with their schedules had me beat! I learned so much though- kind of like a mommy boot camp! Great time catching up with the family :)

Proud big bro, Zayn, and big sis, Annalise; holding Quinn & Saraia

Cousin Sage came out to visit, too! So much fun with all the toddlers 

 My husband came out for a few days to help as well! We were so thankful that 
we were able to take a lil 'Baby Moon' vacation getaway :)

I'll have more pics to come! Happy to be back, but I miss the kids and my cousins! Excited to get back to designing and planning for our little one :)


  1. Aw, they are too cute!! How crazy to have 2 sets of twins in a row, what a blessing! :)

    I've been feeling great, some headaches but bearable. I think it goes really fast in the 2nd trimester but there's still a long way to go~
    Hope you're doing well, your little one too!

  2. Wow, 2 sets of twins! What a sweetheart for helping her out!! Adorable kids!! Can't wait to see youuuu & your lil tummy! <333

  3. girl, how fun and so cute!!!! still so excited for you, too. can't wait to hear more updates, friend. :)

  4. oh this is so wonderful!!


  5. what a super fun and cute family! loved hanging out with you yesterday sonja! see ya in two weeks!! :D