| New Office! |

Happy Monday, friends! I hope you had a fabulous weekend because I sure did. My husband and I usually overbook ourselves, so it was nice to have a quiet, relaxing weekend to ourselves at HOME. We even got around to getting some baby things :D

I think the 'nesting stage' is starting to settle in for me...so we decided to rearrange our house. Well, I watched my husband and his sister's bf move all the heavy furniture. I handled the dusting and cookie making :) (ahh, joys of being preggers!)

My new office!

We've had the front room of the house try to be all sorts of things: the roll around room (before furniture), music room, an extra extra-guest bedroom, and then it had an identity crisis and we called it the everything room. We finally moved some things around, and it has unofficially become my new office space! (I used to be in the corner of the living room!) I now have the storage, space, and upgraded next to a large window!) :)

It's been a great Monday so far! So thankful :)


  1. SONJA I LOVE IT!!!! I am back from LA!!! Lets get together! :)

  2. sooo cool! love the audrey hepburn print! this looks amazing.

    have an amazing week, friend!!

  3. The space looks great! The wall art really completes it.

    And I found out the gender yesterday! I'll be sharing soon on the blog ;)

  4. omg i LOVE this space sweetie!! and that's awesome that you just got to sit back and bake, hehe!! :D