| Busy year ahead! |

This past month has been so busy! (eeek! explains my lack of posts) I've got my hands in a couple of exciting adventures, and being busy is good! 

Life is happening so fast. 2011 is already proving to be quite a year. My sis-in-law got engaged to a great guy! Excited to see the family grow. Pictured below, us 'kids' celebrating with delicious steak and lobster! 

Congrats An + Mike!

In baby news, our lil one continues to grow! We had our 20 week appt and baby is looking good! I can't believe we're already at the halfway point. We've decided to keep the gender a surprise!!! Everyone at the Dr. office was surprised. They said it's so rare these days to not find out! We think it's more fun this way. I've never really been a pastel color (pink or blue) kinda gal. We just want to have a fun, unique baby room with bright colors :) So far, we've been calling the baby, Taylor. It's a good boy and girl name for the time being- until we really look into names.

Me and Taylor at 20 weeks! 


  1. I miss your pretty face!!!!! Your belly is so little!!! So glad things have been going good for you! <3

  2. ps- it means so much to me that I inspire you. The problems you & your sis have/had are the same exact problems my best friend and I had..even with my ex! Communication is huge! <333

  3. You look great! I prefer a bright and fun nursery too over just blue or pink.
    Do you think you'll get used to Taylor and end up using that name?

  4. ahhhhhhhhh!! i can't wait to meet taylor!!! love your adorable belly!!!