| Merry Christmas!! |

It was quite an accomplishment getting my husband, sister, and our doggy to sit and smile for our Christmas photos. 

About 80 shots later, a ghetto 'book-stacked' tripod, a silly self-timer, and three locations around the house to find the best background:: I decided to compile our blooper shots to sum up the experience.

And here is our final product! I got tired of waiting for the perfect shot. Our dog, Jordan, wondered why we fed her so much cheese to sit still; and then constantly looked for cheese in our hands. Brilliant.

We're very excited to celebrate our first Christmas as husband and wife and super blessed to have our little bun baking away. :) 

Merry Christmas to all you lovely friends!! <3


  1. you guys are all soo cute!! i miss hanging out with you all~!! can't wait to see you next year!!!! so exciting to have your first xmas with a bun in the oven! happy holidays sonja!! :D

  2. Merry Christmas! (LOL it's always difficult to get the dog to look into the camera and stay still!)

  3. Aw!!! These pictures are so funny!! Your puppy is so cute!!!

    MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Enjoy it all!!! <333

  4. so hilarious! love it.
    merry christmas, friend!

  5. the 4th one from the top looks like there is a beam of light shooting from Binh's head! haha
    The final product turned out great, Sojo!