| Bigga Belly |

Life has been SO busy lately! Lots of exciting adventures going on, but we've been pretty bad about documenting this pregnancy weekly- er, make that tri-weekly?? When my husband first started taking pictures, I didn't really show till 18 weeks and I didn't want him to document the 'kinda' baby belly-but-you-look-like-you-usually-do-after-a-great-Mexican-dinner. Best light in our house is when we first wake up- so excuse the sans make-up and I haven't brushed my hair look. At this point in the pregnancy, I am all about being comfortable, so clothes, make-up, and dressing up have fallen low on my priority list. :)

31 weeks

34 weeks

Can you tell a difference?? The little booger is growing and moving non-stop! Most recent update at 34-1/2 weeks: belly is measuring on schedule, weight gain is good and steady (1lb a week now!), baby is squirming around (and about 5lbs!), and the Dr. thinks he/she is already engaged head down! (which means baby kicks in the ribs occasionally, but it's all good!)

I do complain to my husband once in a while about some aches and pains, but I tell ya, we have been SO blessed with this pregnancy. I absolutely love it. This baby has treated me and my body really well, and I'm happy to say I'm still pretty darn comfortable halfway through the third trimester! (Thanks, baby N! Please continue to do so after you come out, too!)


  1. Cutest mama ever!! What a perfect little belly... all belly!

  2. ahhhh you are sooo cute!! i love your belly!! i can't believe your gonna have a baby soon, crazyyy!!!! i still remember the day after you found out!! ;)

  3. Oh my goodness you are getting so close! I only have 5 weeks left! I cannot believe it. I am in serious nesting mode now:D