| It's a Boy or a Girl! |

From the beginning of this pregnancy, I've really enjoyed not knowing the gender of our precious child. Some people think we're crazy, and others are completely dumbfounded how you decorate without knowing- pink or blue?! 
Here's how we did it- Our gender neutral nursery:

My husband and I love how this turned out! We were worried about picking colors that would go together, but we surprised ourselves and think this is gonna work!! Both of us are architectural designers- so of course, we couldn't settle with straight lines, or pastels- it's just NOT us. This used to be a guest bedroom, so after my husband cleared the furniture out, he grabbed a pencil and just started drawing on the wall. [I freaked at first, and wondered how he was going to clean up and erase all this?!] He encouraged me to grab a pencil and draw along. I admit, it was pretty liberating :) We drew, danced, and talked about plans for our lil one growing up in this room! [He still has come erasing to do]

I'll update more photos soon! Our bedding set will hopefully be here by this weekend. Baby's room is almost complete! Our child will either think mom & dad are insane (the crib is on the opposite wall), or be reallllly smart :)


  1. Sonja, congratulations again. Your wall is so pretty and whimsical. I'm so excited for you both!

  2. It looks great!! Colorful & interesting design I'm sure your little boy or girl would approve :)

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!! I wanna see pictures from the baby shower! Which I am sad we didnt take pictures together!:P