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Oh my...

How is it that I'm a mother of a FOUR month old?? ...and I totally missed posting Ethan's 3 month pictures...

This little angel of mine brings so much joy to our lives! I wake up to his smiling, giggling self every morning. And this little chunk is sleeping the whole.night.through. Since about 10 weeks. This mommy has finally caught up on sleep!!

16 lbs.    |    25" tall


  1. you should plan to put all these monthly panoramic designs together in a little album or something. it'd be so simple to make something custom for this. and what a great little coffee table book or little nursery bedside book!

    side note: he's SO happy!!! :D

  2. Is that hair styled? So cute! reminds me of Alfalfa :)

  3. Loooooove. I wanna see that happy face next time! :)

  4. The faux hawk is too cute! Found your blog via Sandy a la Mode's. :)