| Summer Nights |

My sister and I decided to brave the humidity here in Florida and take the little guy to his first movie on a lawn. Now, I wish I could tell you it looked something like this~

Alas, it was something like this. There were so many things to look at, so of course, it took a few tries to steal his eyes away :)
We definitely had a great time. We laid out a huge comforter, and let Ethan enjoy the gorgeous view of oak trees above! I made some dinner and cut up fruit for dessert earlier, so we feasted and enjoyed some wine. It was pretty toasty and I was busy swatting away the mosquitos from my sweet boy's face. Then it was getting close to his bedtime, and we jetted. Maybe we'll try again when it's cooler out- perhaps November would be good ;)

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  1. VERY BRAVE of you!!! But how fun!!!! I have always wanted to do a movie on the lawn :)