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Baby gear can be very overwhelming for new mommies. Definitely was for me: I spent sooo many hours researching strollers, bottles, lotions, paci's, carriers, blankets, cribs, you name it. To the point where it was a a few weeks before baby was due, I was like "I DON'T CARE ANYMORE!" The internet is sometimes my nemesis. Too much info can be a bad thing! 

Also, if you don't want to be overwhelmed, stay away from Babies R' Us. I loooathe that store. 

Our parenting style is pretty laid back. Yes, I do my research. If it's too complicated? Baby doesn't need it. Turns out when you have a newborn, you really don't need much. I'm his food, he co-slept with us in bed for the first month, and we had diapers. Yep, we even did cloth diapers. Didn't start our lil guy until he was about a month old. I wanted him to get nice and chunky to fit the diapers better. 

From the start I really wanted to use cloth diapers! I have a cousin that did it and I loved the idea. My husband was horrified the first time I mentioned it. (Poor guy gags when he picks up the poo poo from our animal child, Jordan.) He had never changed a diaper in his life. I was determined to prove him wrong!! 

My fave cloth diaper site

Why we cloth diaper?
  • hello $$ savings! (Spent a little over $200. This will take us through potty training!) Average disposable diaper family spends up to $3,000 a kid through potty training.
  • less rashes
  • supposedly, your kid will potty train earlier! (I'll keep you updated on this in a couple of years)
  • it's green! it's nice to help the earth :)
  • stinkin cute cloth diaper bottoms
The beautiful Florida sun dries the pre-folds and covers quite nicely. Drying the diapers in the sun also bleaches any stains! AND you don't have to spend money using your dryer! 

I can be a dum dum when it comes to directions sometimes. What's the best way to wash these? I found tips and tricks from all over, and just came up with my own formula:
  • wash diapers once a week
  • pre-wash on cold with detergent 
  • second wash on hot withOUT detergent
  • clean diapers!
My child is almost 6 months old and exclusively breastfed. His poo is nice and water soluble. I feel like it's too easy! We'll see when solids come in the picture. We're planning on purchasing a diaper sprayer in the near future. 

and, um, can you resist this cutie in a cloth diaper??


  1. LOVE cloth diapers :) So easy to use, adorable, and not as much of a hassle or extra laundry like some people think. I also love not having any chemicals against my baby's skin and saving money!

    What a cutie, his hair is <3!

  2. Sonja, you are my hero for using cloth diapers. I've thought about it in the past, but it just seemed too scary. You make it sound so easy though. I'm sure I'll have plenty to ask you when the time comes. :)