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::sigh:: my baby is half a year old. 

We've been blessed with an incredibly happy baby boy. 

Out of nowhere:

  • Three little toofers appeared. Hope the rest of teething goes this well!
  • He could sit all day if I let him! 
  • Still no rolling....too much exercise? Why roll, when you can sit all day!
  • SO ticklish! A gentle brush across his upper arm will give you a giggle
  • Mo hawk is back in full force. This is all natural folks. We actually can't get his hair to do anything else. Good thing the faux hawk is in! ;) I will never cut my child's hair again. (this boy had his haircut at just over 4 months and his hair was never the same!)
  • Started solid food for the first time. First meal? Avocado mixed with bmilk. He devoured it. I'm scared. What will this child be like in his teens?...nevermind. I don't want to think that far ahead. 
  • Sings himself to sleep. This kid continues his amazing sleep schedule. I nurse him at 6:45pm, he mumbles/sings with his thumb in his mouth, turns on his side, and HE.IS.OUT. For the night. Until 7am the next day. 

We are spoiled parents. Totally makes me want to have another asap. I'm sure the second child will be the complete opposite. 

Reminiscing... Just the other day I looked like this:

Five days later (and 2 weeks early!) we brought home this 6.5 pounder: 

and now, I've got a boy so curious to explore the world around him...

I love you SO MUCH, Ethan!!


  1. Wow teeth! We have none here although everything gets chewed on haha. And avocado seems to be a baby favorite cuz Luke devoured it too, good stuff!

    I think the same thing: we are so spoiled by having such easygoing babies! Looking back at the newborn days totally makes me want another right now... And then I come to my senses and stop Luke from trying to climb the table LOL.

  2. omg!! sounds like a dream come true baby!! i hope our baby is the same way!!!!