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I feel like I'm doing these every other day. 7 months already?! Pics show the difference between before and after a nap :) He's always soo happy after a good long nap!

7 Months

  • Welp, still not rolling around. I'm perfectly fine with this. You're content with sitting or laying on your stomach (or back) all day long. You're my paper weight for now. I put, you stay. :)
  • You've become quite vocal when you're playing in your own world. Love hearing you sing yourself to sleep!
  • Itsy bitsy spider can still calm you down in ANY situation. 
  • Your hair is out of control. It doesn't mohawk anymore :( It's so beautiful, I don't want to cut it! If only we could use headbands and clips for baby boys. hehehehehe    ....I might or might not have tried....
  • You loooove being outside. We watch Jordan puppy roll around in the grass outside. So cute seeing you run your fingers through the grass and your gorgeous hair blow in the wind!
  • Sleeping is your thing! Seriously, we're spoiled. We play hard, and you certainly sleep hard. 7pm-7am. With the occasional night feeding around 4am-ish. I don't mind at all though. It's our snuggle time :)
  • I see signs of crawling. The verrrryyyy early stages. You see a toy, you lurch forward for it. Then you're stuck because you won't roll. So cute!
  • We're doing solid foods pretty regularly. Once a day-ish. You haven't spit out an ounce of food. Let's hope this  continues! So far, we've done avocado, steel cut oats, and green beans! 

Another month down. Excited for what this month will bring :)

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  1. awwww he is getting soo big! you guys are soo lucky he is a happy baby!! adorable!!