| Weekend breather |

Over the weekend, we drove due West to a town called Brooksville. I hadn't heard of it before, but was excited to be in the woods with some dear friends. Being out in the wilderness takes my breath away. So excited to see my son experience and explore places like this! The stars at night were unbelievable. As we sat around the camp fire sharing stories, I couldn't help but stare straight up in the sky looking for shooting stars! We got super lucky with the weather! Glad we took advantage of the first cool night- a whopping 60 degrees! You better believe I bundled up my lil guy and brought my jacket! I have thinnnnn blood. :) 

Another highlight? Midnight ATV rides through the woods. Our friends have four 4 wheelers. Um, I think we need to get one stat. They are SO fun! The guys went out on a 'jungle tour'- I'm talking machete hacking, rolling over trees bc the woods were so dense. I opted for the more docile tour. My husband drove, and I hopped on the back- we went through acres of orange groves, a civil war cemetery, and called alligators in the dark. scaaarrrry. (so upset we didn't take pics!!!)

E's first mini-hike

E seeing cows for the first time. I told him it's like a big dog. He didn't seem interested. 


  1. Brooksville?? Never heard of it either! Glad y'all got to get away :) Sounds like fun...and scary! lol.

  2. aww that's soo fun your taking trips with E!!! he is getting SO big!!!