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Better late than never!

It really is unbelievable how fast this kid is growing. He learns something new everyday.
::sniff:: Ethan definitely isn't a little baby anymore. Believe you me, I treasure each moment that I can still cuddle him and pretend he's still my newborn. (These moments are rare, as this child rarely sits still anymore!)

  • Still have 6 teeth (4 upper, 2 lower). Eating like a big boy. Just within these past 2 weeks, you want to be in charge of your own food. You only let me feed you yogurt and oatmeal! Finger foods it is!
  • Sleeping is going great! Night routine 7pm-7am with the occasional feeding around 4ish. 2 naps during the day keep you pretty happy talkative
  • It is one of the cutest things to see you interact with your little friends when we have park playdates. Totally depends on the time of day (how close we are to the next nap) to how social you are. We went to a Gymboree birthday party and we skipped our morning nap, and in protest you played with a ball in the corner by yourself. We won't be skpping naps anymore! (bad mommy)
  • The feeling of being wanted by your smiling child just makes my heart melt. You play just fine on your own, but once in a while you'll check to see what I'm doing in the kitchen and just want to be held. I love showing you what I'm doing around the kitchen! The fridge is a favorite. I've never seen anyone crawl so fast when the fridge opens up. You know it's where all the good stuff comes from!

Looking back over these monthly shots makes me wanna BAWL. Um, I have to plan a ONE YEAR party for my baby boy soon? When did this happen... (wait, I have an almost 11 month old child?!)

It's funny that every couple of weeks, my husband and I agree that this stage is the best ever. I think we've been saying that since we found out we were preggers. And then we realized that just being the parent of our little guy is one of the best blessings in our life :)


  1. Ohhh, such a cute little face. My husband and I are the same way, constantly thinking that it gets more and more awesome as our kiddo grows older.