| State Fair |

We went on a little adventure to the Florida State Fair. Eye candy (colors! candy! fried everything!) galore! I wish I could say it brought back memories as a child, but we only went a small handful of times. Excited to start a tradition with our family. Ethan looooved every ball he could get his chubby hands on. Daddy won the water spraying game thing and got E a ball! 

Might I mention we ate to our hearts content. Or at least til our tummy's hurt and we seriously couldn't eat anymore bad (amazingly awesome) food. I regret not getting the waffle ice cream sandwich and *gasp we didn't get an elephant ear! My teeth hurt after eating almost an entire bag of cotton candy alllllll by myself. (btw cotton candy takes me to my happy place. I'm a happy girl when there's cotton candy around)


  1. i love every picture of E!! he is soooooooooo cute! looks like he had fun!!!

  2. Wonderful Pictures! Please tell me you tried the waffle ice-cream sandwich. :)