| Ethan Growth |

The many faces of Ethan:

Lil man is on the move. It gets harder and harder to get a good shot of this busy boy. My sister and I are maniacs running around the room trying to get his attention (let's hope no one gets footage of that) ;)

During your 11th month:

  • you have certainly found your voice. It's hilarious to hear you 'conversate' with me. Sometimes I swear you're saying words right back. 
  • teething wasn't much of a fight with the first 6 teeth, until these past couple of days. 4 wakes in one night? Tired momma and baby. This tooth better poke through soon.
  • I think you really know who I am! You've always been an independent kid. Easy to please and you entertain well sitting there with all your toys! Now you're always looking for a me and wanting to see what I'm up to in the kitchen. I don't mind the hugs and snuggles :)
  • The fridge is your happy place. I've never seen a kid  crawl so fast when you hear the fridge open and me rustling inside. You could play in there for a while. (certainly daddy's boy. I hate the cold.) You are all about conversations when the fridge door is open. 
  • you are just a happy kid. we love watching you on the video monitor. you wake up, chit chat, and you've started playing with the stuffed animals in your crib! Stinkin adorable!
  • peek-a-boo is a fun game we play while you eat in your high chair
  • you climb now. this worries me, but cracks me up because you're finding the funniest things to climb! you love sitting on daddy's guitar, climbing the couch to get the turn stick thing for the blinds, your high chair and car seat- it's a race to get you buckled in or you're standing/jumping exclaiming victory!
It's been fun, Ethan! I'm in total denial when I'm working on some diy projects for your birthday party. Enjoying each and every day of your first year! :)


  1. So sweet :) our boys are growing up so fast!
    I remember doing lots of DIYing leading up to L's birthday party. I still haven't had time to post about it! Are you doing a big party?

  2. Wonderful boy, I can't believe he is almost 1!!
    Happy early birthday! I am so sad to be missing out. :(

  3. awww peek a boo, soo fun!!! sooo when are you gonna have cute baby #2?