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Wanted to share some of my son's (+mine) favorite things. We've got quite a routine down with naps, eating, and getting out the door. I'll say it a million times: we are so thankful to have a good baby on our hands. Laid back, loves to eat, loves to sleep, poos regularly. Ethan has a ton of toys (spoiled by gparents already!), but will be happy sitting in your lap, or jumping up and down until your shoulders can burn no longer. 

1: Aden + Anais muslin blankets. We swaddled the little babe in these from day one. It's pretty toasty in the summers here in FL, so these breathable, lightweight, and huge blankets are perfect for my sweaty baby. You can throw one near him and he automatically has his thumb in his mouth and blanket rubbing on his face! *melt*

2: Soft leather baby shoes. Shoes on baby are cute. Practical? Not really. We did succumb and buy some 'real shoes' for Ethan when he was about one month old. I tried to squeeze his meatball feet into them. He screamed. I felt bad. I decided a one month old doesn't need a sole and laces. Ethan's wide feet (thanks to my side of the fam!) fit nicely and painlessly in these cuties. We only put them on him when we're out, so his chunky feet don't get all germy on the restaurant tables.

3: Fischer Price Space Saver. We started solids on his 6 month birthday (avocado + breastmilk, yum!). But feed him here and there since he'll be primarily nursing till he's one. I thought the bumbo would suffice. Nope, Ethan, being a boy, takes apart the attachable tray and can almost wiggle out of it. We got this high chair mainly to save space. I HATE clutter. Another large clunky item just won't cut it. I love that this chair straps to your chair and baby can join us at the dinner table. He's strapped in and the tray is secure. Love it!

4: Ergo baby carrier. My baby gets heavy. I put him in this carrier even around the house, so I can be hands free. It's SO comfortable! Great waist support and my back gets some relief! We went on a small hike with Ethan and he fell asleep :)

5: Bummi's fabulous wet bag. Never leave home without it. This small wet bag is easily portable and holds maybe 3-4 diapers when we're out and about. We cloth diaper our lil guy. You can read about it here.

6: Buriti Baby from The Body Shop. For myself, I'm not a huge fan of body butter. (I like the convenience of a pump) For the little prince, we use this lotion after baths. We massage his chunky self and he is all relaxed! The fragrance is delicious! Ethan had sensitive skin a few of months ago (think he's outgrown it now), and this lotion didn't cause him to break out, and kept his skin very moisturized.

What are your favorite baby products? Please share!

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